Sumatra Gayo Mtn. Organic
(5 pounds)




This Sumatra is hand picked and dried in the cherry. It is grown in the Gayo Mountains.

(5 = Extraordinary to 1= Satisfactory)


This naturally processed Organic Sumatra was purchased from a small group of farmers within the Takengon-Gayo Mountain region where they take their green coffee to the mill to be carefully selected for quality. These coffee beans were hand-picked and dried in the cherry. Takengon, the capital of the region, lies on the west side of the beautiful Lake Tawar.

"Very still & quiet ... Lake Tawar melts into the sky & the mountains merge with the clouds. No sound but that of flies and fish jumping and a man hand cutting back the relentless vegetation." ~John Bolton on his excursion.

The Gayo Mountains area contains 68,000 hectares (143,000 acres) of coffee. It rains virtually every day and there are many large, old, coffee trees--some more than a foot in diameter. (There are trees that grow like this in Kona and are said to be over 60 years old--or more.)

A carpet of ground cover fills in every nook and cranny underneath. The hillsides are steep from the heavy terracing of trees, positioned with little symmetry and quite natural looking with a canopy of many varieties of shade trees above it all. Much like Colombia, the trees would manifest flowers and cherries (green and red) all at the same time .... which in effect means they are always producing.

Look forward to a rich, syrupy body, penetrating aroma and a "tree bark" earthy flavor with pronounced herbal nuances. There seems to be less mustiness, but more sweetness than the Mandheling, leaving a more refined and lightly fruited cup overall. Here there is a long finish and all the great characteristics you expect from a high quality Sumatra.

Roast: Full City and beyond. Sumatra is a common "secret ingredient" in famous espresso blends and can be roasted from Full City well into the darker roast spectrum. We like it around the 2nd crack, but you must let the beans rest a good 48 hours to fully appreciate the great body and funkiness that is considered typical and classic Sumatra.

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